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  Fleshlight Techniques

Fleshlight Techniques

Here you'll find a variety of techniques that will enable you to get the most out of your new Fleshlight. We'll be filling the left hand side with links to pages on how to use your Fleshlight every month.

Basic Fleshlight Use

ILF, the manufacturer of the various Fleshlight models, instructs the user to:

Real World Fleshlight Use

While the above sounds good, the truth is, people don't want to wait around for water to heat up their Fleshlight and, when you do employ this method, you'll soon discover a fine mist of water being expelled from the end of the case on each downstroke — very distracting indeed, though it does go away fairly soon after you start using it.

The Fleshlight works just fine without water when you only apply a little lubricant. In fact, if you apply too much lubricant, the sensations the product produces are greatly diminished. Fortunately, if this happens, you can keep going and eventually the lubricant inside will dry to a more ideal level. It takes a few tries to learn what the best lubricant amount is right for you and your model of Fleshlight, but you can always easily apply just a little more — the reverse is impossible, and just takes time to dry up.

Alternative Fleshlight Techniques

The number of ways to use a Fleshlight is only limited by your imagination. Why not try the following:

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